A Ugandan Child

As a child,🚼 during the removal of milk teeth😁 (which marked the end of infancy👦), we did so with great charisma and determination because in the end we hoped for that gift🍭🍫 from Mr. Rat 🐀

The thriving smiles😊 running across the lips from one cheek to the other.

The purity and ignorance in their souls -such innocence! Not much has been seen that has been heard of. Most of which were heard or told are theories (at school), tales and fables e.g Koyi koyi (or knock knock in English).

They will soon grow up and learn about issues around the greater world (politics, economics, environment & climate), the many philosophies, discoveries and so forth. It’s amidst this ruckus that the African Child must thrive and triumph in this era of #KisanjaHakunaMuchezo (meaning “no joking era/reign”)

Till then, this is Uganda💪 #NdiMunaUganda (#IamUgandan) 🇺🇬

My motherland #PearlOfAfrica 💝

#GodOverEverything 🙏

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