Vantage Point for The Perfect Kill.

The king of the jungle as it acclaimed, is the most feared, respected, whose rule is never challenged. Whoever challenges has to think “thrice” for their lives before they embark on such a treacherous cause against the ferocious hunter. Much as the lions are feared, there are far more deadly creatures, very silent but when need arises they ‘react’, even the so called king of the Lion’s pride and coalition combined bows. Humans are avid lovers of power and rule. They believe in taking a fight with the best of the best in the community and when they win, the rest have to adhere and pledge their loyalty to them as they are creatures that command respect for their rank!

On this fateful morning and demanding environment, a lioness goes out to hunt prey in the savanna grasslands for the pride and her cubs. Everything in her mighty power has to be done so that the pride survives until the next catch. The weather is harsh that the herbivorous prey is scarce.

On the same morning, a fleshy antelope finds its way into a working up grazing ground, browsing on the bushes and grass available. Unfortunately for the innocent antelope, this happens to be a hunting ground for the cutthroat lioness today.

Man of course, the most intelligent of all also happens to be taken by the famine period which compels him to go out and also hunt prey. His first choice of hunting grounds for his prey are any traces of a vicinity with healthy savanna. The huntsman’s main focus was on the meaty antelope and the feast that was to follow after a good catch. His calculations are diverted when he noticed a bitter and fierce rival, the great and mighty lioness!

This is one hell of a turning point for all the predators. The ultimate great rivals, smartness verses survival and killer instincts. kill or be killed, hence stay alive at all costs. One has to live and tell the story of how great they are. I still imagine the rumbles if man was as equally as strong as the lioness.

The huntsman keeps calm of his discreet position while the lioness prepares to attack the prey. She (lioness) is incognizant of the rivals presence. Both have to survive, they have to eat. that is why they both claim to be kings of the jungle.

My main question is, “What did the human do in order to survive bearing in mind he did take the antelope to his family?”. “what goes down first, the rival or the prey?” i guess you can think of what could have been done (as a descendant of the Glorious Human Race).

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